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If we were concerned about being fashionable, Best Lawns would be just like any other lawn care company in Illinois, reacting with treatments instead of proacting with prevention. But being fashionable doesn’t prevent or solve problems, nor does it suit the way we want to be perceived.

We are often contracted by customers to come into situations to solve or correct problems that came about as the result of improper care and a lack of planning. We’ve encountered scenarios where the wrong treatments were applied, or in some cases where chemicals were needlessly used.

Best Lawns believes that the NATURAL WAY is one of the most important steps leading to a thriving landscape. We strive to be environmentally safe, using cultural practices like lawn aeration, de-thatching, and slit seeding. These techniques account for fast, positive results, as well as ensuring that the lawn area will be less susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

We learned many years ago that our customers looked to us prevent potential problems, instead of waiting for something to happen. So we build the turf naturally, whenever possible-reserving synthetic treatments for reversing critical situations only.
Our customers are now convinced that the BEST WAY is also the NATURAL WAY.

What has your landscape maintenance comany done during the dry spell?

BEST Lawns’ year-round landscape maintenance agenda assures that your outdoor environment is healthy when droughts, storms and other natural pressures occur. Proper water management, soil aerations, fertilization and advanced cultural practices contribute to thriving, stress-resistant turf. We can’t control the weather but Best Lawns’ professional techniques can minimize drought damage.

Best Lawns. We deliver the best…but we’re prepared for the worst.

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